Loyalty Should Be Rewarded

To better serve our regular and loyal customers we’ve created this ‘Members Section’. Customers who are registered here will:

  • Be the first invited to special VIP EVENTS ranging from drive days, private demo’s on new release gear or to going to a box at the Footy!
  • Be notified of specials on new or used gear before we announce it publicly giving our Members first shot at the gear, usually at MEMBER ONLY prices
  • Benefit from discounts on consumables and parts to save dollars
  • Reduced freight or charges on delivery for regular orders as well


  • Of course, they’ll be emailed our regular Agrimac Newsletter and Alerts as they come up...
  • But most, importantly we are working on a additional section to this website where you’ll be able to post gear you’d be happy for someone to make you an offer on OR search for gear you’re looking for...
  • Members will also be able to post profiles of themselves, their farms, produce or contracting services as means of getting out there and if of interest, lifting your own profile in our farming communities all across Victoria.




Member Newsletters

Agrimac newsletters are sent quarterly to all members. You can read previous editions here:

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