Kivi-Pekka allows you to clear rocks with ease, supplied by Agrimac

Manufactured in Finland, among some of the rockiest land in the world, Kivi-Pekka has been put to the test time and time again. A machine suitable for the clearance of rocks and stones before or after sowing, and also capable to remove tree roots and sticks from newly cleared land or forestry reclamation.

The simple and reliable drive system of the Kivi-Pekka rock pickers can be operated by low hp tractors efficiently, and is available in a range of sizes to suit small operations through to large scale clearing co-operatives.

Rock Picking

4.5m Kivi-PekkaThe 4.5m Kivi Pekka is best suited to smaller areas or farms wanting to simplify the rock collection process. Offering an output of 700kgs/min of rock, the 4.5m Kivi-Pekka will enhance your rock collection process significantly.
5m Kivi-PekkaThe 5m Kivi-Pekka is the most popular option in the range. Providing a capacity of 1000kgs/min of stone and a wider collection drum than the 4.5m version it is best suited to larger areas or co-operatives with areas of high stone loading.
6m Kivi-PekkaThe 6m Kivi-Pekka is suitable for very large areas or large co-operatives with a 1200kg/min capacity. The 6m is the same as the 5m but with an increased working width allowing for large areas with medium stone density to be cleared efficiently.
7m Kivi-PekkaThe 7m Kivi-Pekka is the largest option available in the range. This machine is designed for the most demanding clearing applications. With 1400kgs/min capacity and a 7m effective swath the 7m machine is built for large scale rock clearing scenarios and land clearing or forestry reclamation projects.
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